Popcorn Sales

Each fall, Pack 2 sells Trail’s End gourmet popcorn as a fundraiser; we use the money to purchase all of the boy’s badges, awards, food for events, Pack meetings, etc. So please make sure your scouts sell at least some popcorn to help the Pack!  Our Pack’s Popcorn “Kernel” is Tyler Gray. You can reach him at tyler@gray2002.com  (Preferred) or 978-771-9696 (Cell).

There are two equally important aspects of popcorn sales: During the “Show & Sell”, Cub Scouts (with adult supervision) sell popcorn for immediate delivery outside local businesses.  The “Take Order” phase involves order forms, which can be used to sell to family, friends, neighbors, and parents’ coworkers for delivery by the Cub Scout in November.

Sign- up forms for “Show & Sell” will be sent out via email and will also be available at the first Pack meeting.  For “Take Order”, you should receive an order form in the mail from the Nashua Valley Council, and you can start taking orders immediately.  A very limited number of additional forms will be available through Tyler at the first Pack Meeting.  Although, it is not required, we would prefer if you collected the payment at the time of order and consolidate payments into a single check to the pack.  If your customer would rather make checks payable directly to the organization, the payee is Littleton Pack 2. Cash is also accepted.

Scouts earn prizes from Trail’s End based on the sales.  The “Show & Sell” orders, “Take Orders”, and online orders count towards prize levels.  Within the pack, boys are most motivated by knowing they can earn the right to throw a pie in a leader’s face! Cubs will earn one pie for each $200 in sales.  Perhaps more appealing to the parents is the opportunity for cubs to earn a $50 campership for selling $250-$499, $100 campership for selling $500+. Camperships can be used to pay for overnight events and Cub Scout camp.  Camperships cannot be used to pay for annual memberships.  There are also council trophies and drawings, which are described on the prize page on the website under fundraising. To use your Camperships you must contact Melissa or the treasurer (Tom F.) and let him know which event that you would like to use it for.