Egg Drop



                     EGG DROP CHALLENGE




WHEN:  SEPTEMBER  12TH 2015, 3:00 P.M.


All Littleton children (aged under 18) are invited to bring a packaged raw egg (must be unsealed so that it can be inspected at check in) to be dropped by one of our heroic firefighters from the top of a firetruck ladder to see if it can survive this test.


Egg Drop Procedure and Rules:


1.                  Ask your child to design and make his/her egg package using materials of his/her choice. 


Note: the egg package must arrive unsealed so that it can be inspected at check-in.   Bring your own raw egg and tape for sealing.


2.                  Limitations:

         No glass or other hazardous materials…

                  No more than 30 inches at largest circumference

               No parachutes (do not want to injure bystanders)

               No helium balloons (do not want eggs to drift over to local highways)


3.                  Ask your child to arrive at  2 p.m. at the Firehouse and look for the Check In desk where the egg will be inspected and labeled with your child’s first name.


4.                  Eggs will be placed in boxes to be carried up the ladder.  They will be dropped in batches with each child’s first name being announced before it is dropped


5.                  When each batch of eggs has been dropped, a volunteer will collect the packages and bring them to an intermediate station to slit the outermost tape (this will remove the need to have knives or box cutters at the Check Out table)


6.                  Once the slitting is complete, the egg will be moved to the Check Out table where it can be fully dismantled and inspected by the owner


7.                  Successful egg engineers will be able to toot their own horn


8.                  Unsuccessful egg engineers will be able to make another suitably loud noise


9.                  Have fun and enjoy the outcome whatever it is!



For more information contact Don Beltrami of Littleton Cub Scout Pack 21 or 978- 394- 3556